Promotional Videos For TV And Social Media Channels

AVEQIA London’s promo video for social media channels such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
I edit fellow actors' showreels and work intimately with an Acting Academy named Being a regular client of mine, AVEQIA asked me to combine the various event edits I had to form an advertising video to post on social media. This was the result. Classy, refined and welcoming. The opening logo animations were created by myself and are now at the beginning of every video AVEQIA releases. [Angus is…]"A valuable asset who executes his job with a professional, joyous and interactive approach." - Paul Vines, CEO of AVEQIA London. AVEQIA is a London based events company that brings Michelin starred chefs for private and corporate cooking events.


Networking, Team Building, Seminars

Barts Charity and Circulate at AVEQIA London
AVEQIA hosted an event allowing Barts Hopsital and Circulate to come together and use their available space to produce and promote healthy food. This clip I edited was shared amongst all those involved along with the footage of the presentation which I pieced together also.

Product Launches

Type: Large Press Conferences and Trade shows

eHo Chef’s Website Launch
With a new website launching, eHo Chef approached me to get an upbeat short summary of the launch depicting what the website offers and pushing publicity through social media platforms. This clip is regularly posted on Facebook.

Product Launches

Type: VIP

Etieno Skincare launches a range of organic skin care products
An upbeat view of the launch demonstrating the fun that was had and the product itself. Like other launches I have worked on, the client requested a separate recording of the presentations held which I was easily able to accommodate to and produce.


From amateur drama to professional theatre productions

Guilty Noodle Trailer
When touring through the Edinburgh Fringe in August last year, the Producers of Guilty Noodle requested that I film their journey to create a trailer for their upcoming performances down in London. The show itself, involving a blend of standup comedy and multimedia martial arts had a successful run in Leicester Square following its Edinburgh Tour.

Film Trailers

Trailer for a short film Keep Safe
Film director Edward Way requested that I make a trailer to send off to various film festivals around the world for his short film Keep Safe. With this short teaser, Edward's applications to festivals were successful in creating intrigue and excitement for his compelling drama.

Acting Showreels

Showreel of a British actress Georgie Fuller
Working as a pure editor on this project, Georgie asked me to simply piece her performances together creating a professional actor showreel. A template I am familiar with, due to my acting background.
"I trusted his judgment completely and knew I was in safe hands when it came to getting the best edit of my showreel. He was utterly accommodating when I wanted to make changes, and was patient when I had questions. I would recommend him to anybody who wants a showreel, and wants it done well." - Georgie Fuller, Actress

Character Showreels

Showreel of a British actor James Henri-Thomas
"Angus is more than a friendly cameraman and a highly skilled editor; he is a collaborative director and being a trained, professional actor he knows how to help strengthen the performances of those he works with. The showreel Angus made me was of such a high standard that it secured me a meeting with a well-established London agency who I am now represented by." - James Henri-Thomas, Actor